Setlist - Mayfest

Set List - Mayfest

Cabbage Train
Witch in Wedlock
Billy Boy
Gravel Walk
Blackleg Miner
Ostara/ Morrison's
Barbara Allen
Bigger Gun
Sitting Pretty
Haslams Bits

__ Encores __

Pictures from the show are available in the photo gallery here

Andy's Festival Diary - Mayfest

I think it should have been changed to Mudfest 2007. The first festival of the year, and as i check out the Met office web site all i can see is severe weather warnings for the area....oh joy. A call from Lizzy the day before with the good news that it was expected to get a months rain in one day was a worry, but, weve played here before and knew it was all undercover, so, at least the show itself was going to be in the dry.....kinda.

I was picked up in the morning by Stan. A dry start to the journey, but by the time we hit Oxford the sky decided to empty its bowels for the next 12 hours. As we got into the Luton area it was getting extremely dodgy flooding in certain areas. However, we battled on.

We got to the festival site and the track from the main gate to the back stage was across two fields via a very, wet, muddy dip. We nearly got to the parking area but had to push the last 20 meters till we got more grip on the grass.

Mike was the first to find us, we then found Nic, Jay and Rhayne taking shelter in Bluehorse One, Lizzy n Hev were checking out the stage and bar.....ok, they were checking out the bar.

There was no backstage area, nowhere to really get sorted/changed or just shelter for the bands, so we just made the best of it. Spending a fare bit of time guzzling coffee, chatting and hiding under any available shelter. I didnt take any pics of the conditions, but i regret it now.

We finally got the call that we could start unloading into the backstage area........there was just no room for two bands, crews, festival staff etc, so it got very cramped to stack the gear up, and the downpour of rain and strong winds just made it all that little bit more awkward. Still, we managed with team work.

As soon as the band on stage finished, the frenzy started. They got all their gear off as quick as we piled ours on to any available space. Drum kit first, then every man and woman for themselves. Its actually a very well oiled machine and the band can get set up no problem despite any rush or lack of space.

The sound was a problem, so getting the sound correct before the set started was a problem. However, the show kicked off in true Bluehorse style.

The set itself was more or less te same as Derby, with a couple of tracks short due to time avalable to play. Im sure Mike will be able to remind us what the set list was at some point.

The band as always delivered the goods, and offered something different to the rest of the bands on stage that day. Of course they went down well, and the crowd loved every second. It was a Bluehorse set after all. Bluehorses are one of the countrys top festival bands and tonight showed why, providing a soaking wet crowd with 90 mins of live exellence.

By the time we had to get off stage the wind had picked up even stronger, so it made putting all the gear away even more of a battle.

The end of show goodbyes and chats always take longer than the show itself, but tonight, since porta loos were swimming down the festival site, and trade stands were blowing away and heading towards Oslo, we thought it was best to just get out of the festival site and onto the main road. We were thankful for the awaiting tractor who was there to pull everybody out of the field.

On the whole, despite the weather conditions, the festival itself was great fun, and a huge success for the Bluehorses.
Cant blame the festival for the wind and rain. If it wasnt for festivals like this the world would be a dull place. These people take a financial risk to put on a festival for the crowds and for the bands who all benefit from it. So a big thanks to them. Also we should raise our hats to the great British attitude......we payed our money....were here to have fun, and no rain or mud will stop it, an attitude showed by the 800 people who made it to the festival. It all adds to the fun and memory.

It will be great to look back at the film footage done by main man Mike. Not sure if Mike got any of the rain and mud on film.

Anyway, we all got out of there in once piece. I went back with Nic n Lizzy, we waited till everybody got out, then made our way home via the odd stop for coffee and fuel. We just made it to Cheltenham before all our eyes were about to drop shut. We guzzled more coffee, then crashed out.

As always, its great to spend time everybody, i just hope the next show in Spratton has much better weather.

Thanks again to the people of Mayfest....

Mike's Festival Diary - Mayfest

Its Sunday morning and I am packing up the van ... Its raining, and the forecast is not good ... Do I put the Wellies in or not? In the end I decide against, but as a compromise put the umbrella in - Half right!

The trip up to Buntingford was only memorable for the spray and lack of speed on the M25, due to the water rather than an excess of traffic. However once at Buntingford finding the site proved a little more complex.. minor roads, many not much wider than the van and visibility down to less than 100m. Oh! and all the signs the organisers had thoughtfully put out were rain sodden and folded by the wind. Anyway we finally found the site at around 2:30pm and turned into the entrance. We followed the signs for the stage and headed down hill to the gate.

This was at the bottom of a hollow between two fields (one on each side of a little valley). Already the gate was akin to a wallow, and they were putting straw down to assist the walking; A quick chat to the stewards, and I decided that if it was bad this early it would be worse after the show, so spurning the offer of a tractor tow, we turned around and slowly slipped and spun our way back up the hill to about half way... it might have been better in hind sight to go all the way - further to carry the gear, but we would have got out easier.

By the time we were back at the gate my trainers were full of mud and it was working its way up my trousers - should have rolled them up as I got out of the van, another lesson ... Then it was onto the site, and a quick tour around before finding a cup of tea to warm up. It may have been the hottest April on record, but for this weekend we were back in single figure temperatures, and with everything soaked by the rain and buffeted by the wind it did not feel much above freezing.

We missed Jay and Rhayn arriving in BH2, but there was agricultural assistance employed, however not long after BH1 arrived, wheels spinning and plumes of mud out the back, Nic at the wheel with a big grin - enough of a run up and some serious tacking across the slope brought him right up to the main tent - getting around to the stage entrance did involve some manual intervention from yours truly! Bob, Hev and Gary too, were next to arrive bearing a new set of New Rocks for Liz (miss Whiplash eat your heart out). Not long after Stan and Andy tentatively edged up the hill.

The full compliment now in-situ, the waiting begins, made difficult by the rain as we would usually peruse the concession stalls, check out the site and bands, sit in the sun and generally chill. Unfortunately the only money changing hands was with the hot drinks seller. Steph though was smiling all over as she got to wear Liz's (now) spare New Rocks!!

Due to the amount of space back stage, it was only possible to get one set of kit unloaded, and one on stage at once, so as soon as Chris Jagger was set up on stage we started unloading and getting things ready for the stage, including building the drum rack - proved interesting in the corridor behind the stage. We timed it just right to get unloaded in a lull between storms, however once we were inside the heavens opened and torrential rain fell.

We all huddled together to keep warm, apart from the nicotine addicts that were under a brolly outside . Towards the end of Chris's set, we started to notice the condensation that would all of a sudden rain down on the stage and all things around about... this was caused by the squally wind rattling the sides and roof of the marquee. So a big rush to cover the instruments to try and save them from the worst of the showers. the wind was also playing havoc with the Kilts, a brave face was show by all and when the bell went we were all hands to the pump.

. Careful when you are outside the stage door... you never know who is watching!

The equipment changeover was frantic, but we were soon ready to go, just the line checks to go through. Then we ran into sound problems ... the water must have affected some of the mics and leads... The Kick drum mic was not capable of raising a fart never mind getting it into the monitors. this is not so bad out front, as Nic is capable of compensating and raising the level, however it does mean that the monitors are not passing the time signature back to the band. the other issue was with Jays guitar feed, which sounded like he was playing in a tin can, or that his cab was akin to a radiogram (crackles and scratches not withstanding). After 20 frustrating minutes the sound engineers on stage had done the best they could in the circumstances and the band had to play through it.

Cabbage train gave the front of house sound man (hiding under an umbrella at his desk) an opportunity to sort his levels out and by the time we were through Witch in Wedlock things had settled down. Next up Billy Boy got the mosh pit heaving.

Gravel Walk caught a few of the bar flys out at the start of the third movement, and the pace continued through Blackleg Miner before slowing down for the first movement of Ostara.

Barbara Allen and Bigger gun brought it back up to "frenetic" before the sing-a-long Sitting Pretty. Haslam's Bits and Vivaldi then brought the main performance to an end. It did not take much persuading for the crowd to convince the organisers to go for an encore, and the band came back for the traditional Twmbarlwm.

As the last notes died down the mad panic of the change over happened all over again. This time the rack had to come down followed by all the back line, at the same time the crew for the Nimmo brothers were trying to get their kit on stage - complete mayhem, but it worked. Once we had all the gear off the stage we then had to pack it all away, before edging the van as close to the tent flap as possible and loading quickly through the rain.

After we were all packed up we gratefully accepted the offer of a tractor to escort us to the gate, which was just as well, as by now the dip by the gate was a hippo's paradise. I'm sure that when it dries out all manner of debris will be found at the bottom! With a knowing smile Steph and I went back to the van on the other side (also follows by Gay, Hev and Bob, who had done the same as us). However after slipping and sliding towards the gate there came a point where the mud was too deep and there was no grass left for any grip. At this point it was eat humble pie and wait for a tow. Gary however had other ideas and after moving a section of fencing slightly to get some grip succeeded in escaping via a manoeuvre that would not have been amiss on "Dukes of Hazzard" or "the Great Escape " - pun not intended - but he almost had all 4 wheels of his car in the air at once. this got him around the mud puddle and away.

It was not long before rescue was on hand and we were soon at the gate.. Quick farewells in the rain beside the road and we were off home. The next day however brought the realisation of the mud home ... our trousers were covered to the knees and the shoes were unrecognisable. The washing machine has still to recover!

Well done all the organisers for coping in the adverse conditions!

Setlist - The Flowerpot - Derby

Set List - Flowerpot - Derby
Cabbage Train
Witch in Wedlock
Billy Boy
Gravel Walk
Blackleg Miner
Ostara/ Morrison's
Barbara Allen
Bigger Gun
Sitting Pretty
Night Visit
Haslams Bits
Big White Telephone

__ Encores __

Pictures from the show are available in the photo gallery here

Andy's Gig diary - Flowerpot Derby May 2007

If its Friday, then its got to be the Flowerpot, first show of 2007 and first show for all round nice geezer Rhayne.

Its been to long since the last Bluehorses show, everybody will agree on that one, but trust me, its been nothing but hard work over at Bluehorse Towers. The work on the new album is paying off, and when it comes out, your going to be treated to the best studio album ever to grace the Bluehorses logo. The material so far is just miles ahead of anything done before, but still keeping that Bluehorses magic and feel.

The other thing thats kept them on their toes, was the hunt for a new full time bass player. He was finally caught, and locked away in the lower levels of Bluehorse Towers until he finally had the set for tonight sussed. A fine job he did as well.

The show started off with Cabbage Train. Nic, Jay and Rhayne were all wearing black kilts and New Rocks (they wouldnt soil their socks with anything else) Lizzy as always looked stunning, for a change she went

Witch In Wedlock was next up Dya, Billy Boy, Gravel Walk, Blackleg, all the regular favs. Plenty of happy looking faces on and off the stage, all having a blast.

Ostara, Bigger Gun, Barara Allen, Sitting Pretty, Haslams Bits, Skyclad and Big White Telelephone brought the main part of the show to an end. The band then finished off with Twmbalwm. Some rather juicy bass sounds here......had to retrieve my filling several times from Stans pint.

A great night and, and Rhayne im sure was relieved. He was welcomed by everybody and looked like he had been in the band for years.

Didnt take to long to get packed away, we were soon back on th.e road and off into the Derbyshire nightime in search of that nights hotel. A great start to the years gigs, and for what looks like an excellent year for shows


Mike's Gig diary - The Flowerpot - Derby

A BH show, a BH show and the first one of the year,
a crowd of excited fans the band for to hear......

The first gathering of the clans for the year ... also Rhayn's first gig - so it had to be the Flowerpot. It was fortunate that I had the day off, but even so the traffic was crazy - it took me 2 hours just to get across country to Winchester. It was a dismal day and needed some brightening up.

By the time I got there most of the kit was set-up and by a stroke of luck I had missed the van emptying efforts. However I did have to walk through the pub (as the stage doors were now shut) several times with all my boxes, waving the old kilt around - not sure it was a common sight around here.

By the time Sid had mic'd everything up, i'd got the cameras positioned and ready. - this time I had a new toy - a miniature camera that would fit on a microphone stand. It gave a great preview picture, however equipment failure later int he night at the recording end meant that we would not get usable footage from the device.

A special mention here for Sid .. came off his sick bed to be there, what a star!

Once everyone was sound checked and a couple of numbers run through to remind everyone how the fingers work etc. Time for a chat with everyone whilst the band got into the new stage clothes .... black kilts all round with New rocks to complete the image, for the blokes with Lizzie in a "little black" number.

Just time for Andy to charge across after work form Cheltenham - Mach 9 - good job the rush had passed. Not long after and the show started.. Andy included the set list below ... , but time flew by and it was time for tape changes - indicating half way point. Being on my own I can't even delegate it. The girls had school and we would not have made it round London in time on a Friday afternoon to bring them along. Although they were mightily disappointed.

All too soon and we were reaching the end of a new flavour of Twmbarlwm the traditional BH jam. Somehow this slowly mutates over time, and it is only looking back that you really notice the changes. This is now way beyond that committed to the Skyclad Ep and also the Live DVD extras.

Packing up and driving out was a blur (apart from the passer by who had lost her skirt/ belt/ trousers - fill in as appropriate - walking past as we loaded the van, seemingly without a care in the world - or was that alcohol in control).

The drive back next day was a breeze, but work on Monday a nightmare . so roll on Mayfest!