Andy's Gig Diary - Robin2

When we eventually got to the venue i hardly recognised the place. I couldnt believe what a superb job theyve done in transforming the place. One of the best venues for its size ive ever been to. My hat goes off to the Robin2.

Today was set with a few challenges before the gig even started off - Lets just say you had to be there - but as expected from a pro band like Bluehorses, the problems were sorted, the show went on, and the band came away waving the victory flag after another first class live performance.

A minor delay of the "shiny things" varierty caused a few mins delay but the show soon kicked off to a great reaction from the Bilston possy, with Cabbage Train. Next up Witch In Wedlock, a long running Bluehorses Classic. Blackleg sounded as juicy as ever, the guitar sound at the begining was the best ive ever heard for this song...loved it.

Gravel Walk, one of my personal fav Bluehorses tracks was up next. The band have been playing this live for what must be at least 3 years, and its been through many a transition, and its always been one of those live tracks that just cuts to the spine for me....superb. Lizzys new 5 string fiddle (used live for the first time tonight) sounded mighty fine during the middle section, then Jay as always comes and gives it a serious portion of arse kick.

Off the EP comes Black Is The Colour, and then to one of my other fav live Bluehorses tracks....Ostara/Morrisons. A great track to get jumpy and sweaty to. Mad Tom opens up with some serious bass from Nath "is that diesal i can smell" Waulker. Thundering along at a rapid rate the band dived into new classic Billy Boy, Barbara Allen and then new track Crow On The Cradle. Which seemed to cause Mr Rich to go into a frenzy.

Night Visit next up, Skyclad and Vivaldi, all truly awesome. Twmbalwm being one of my other all time favs gave the band introductions and of course to Stan "its ok, i know where the speed cameras are" Wagner. Thats was actually going to be the end of the set, but the crowd wouldnt let them go, the chants and stamping of feet showed that, they came back on and finished off with Bigger Gun.

The night, despite a few problems during the day was a complete success. Infact, the band seemed to generate more energy from it, and it showed during the gig. The Bluehorses, as always generated more new fans, and more than satisfied the regulars. A quick mention should also go to Mike "how the hell do we get to Luton from here" Furmston for the Bluehorses day tour of England, Stan for the "shiny things" rescue mission, Hev, Rob and Ruth for just being their lovley selves.

Hopefully it wont be long before the band are back at Bilston. It was great fun, great venue and great sound. The fans also helped make it a great night. Roll on the next gig.