Xmas Mini Tour part2

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Up bright and early to miss the traffic, and I was heading South... a minor deviation to miss the M6 Toll and then straight line home.

I arrived as everyone else was just getting up Confused so I had a good opportunity to mend some kit - my mini disc player had failed at the Flowerpot and a quick look showed the power supply had a broken lead - easy to see in the daylight, but not in the half light of a mixing desk.

After a quick lunch and walk for the dog I was back on the road, this time with the girls. A cross country trek is the easiest way to the Railway, and it wasn't long before we were pulling onto the car park, just in time to help with the unloading.

Deja vu, came to mind as we sorted the kit out, except overnight Jay and Lyndon had decided to change sides, being Bijou and compact the stage at the Railway does not lend itself to much moving around, so it does mean that the girls do not have to fight the jostling at stage front from the mosh pit. All the stage cameras were working as fixed, although we did try some interesting angles.

The show was to be the same set as the night before. The girls disappeared into the crowd as the band fought their way onto the stage - at the railway the dressing room is at the opposite end to the stage, which always provides an interesting entrance! - and I was left to look after myself.

Things went without a hitch, and again the new material stood up extremely favorable with the crowd, my favorite new track keeps changing. I guess it wi9ll be some time before I settle on one - if at all

At the intermission, there was a pause for fancy dress prize giving - there were some excellent costumes, but in the end Angie and a fairy (sorry did not get your name) took the prizes.

All too quickly we were at the end again, the only difference was that we did not have to drive anywhere so a few drinks were partaken of .. and some strange dance routines ... Mark - I still think you were impersonating a handbag surrounded by all those ladies Laughing

Sleep came easy and provided the recharge for the next day ... back to the Midlands and Bilston.

Some Additional comments from Hev

... I think Gary and I have one thing to add.....

During the last track Gary came up to me and asked when the encore was after going outside for a fag. I unwittingly told him that this was it... nothing seemed suspect.

Unfortunately Gary had missed his opportunity to get Lizzy to ask me a very important question. So, while Lizzy and I were having a drunken boogie after almost everyone had gone he slipped a piece of paper into her hand.

Lizzy dragged me out to the corridor and showed me what the fuss was about.

I can happily say that I said yes to Gary's proposal of marriage. But I did make him promise to ask me again when we were sober... which he did.. and I still said yes!!!

Dates won't be set until after Oz next year... so you don't have to worry about hats for a while

The best gig of my life!!!!!

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